The Distance Travelled

The first online post of a journey that’s been happening since February and I will endeavour to transfer the most interesting journal entries (paper and pen) to a digital format over the coming weeks.

The cover picture is the inspiration for taking the leap into deciding not only to think about making, but to actually make and the story goes roughly like this:

This is the path that I journeyed down in a car recently on a trip to a Spanish Island to see an old friend, who himself was met by chance and then by whim in taking him up on the offer to go and visit where he was living.

This is the path that we travelled down in car on a Thursday morning not yet two weeks ago to a beautiful sun-blessed beach.

This is the path I travelled down with thoughts of work and responsibility, closed up with small worrys and smaller horizons…. I was squarely looking at the tree trunk, not even the tree and especially not the forest, nor the Island the forest was within or the world that the Island floated upon, nor the stars gazing down on it all, gazing down at me travelling down the path…..

….. the distance travelled happened to me on the return when I remarked,

“today was a short day, that seemed to last forever”.

This blog will document the journey, as I move out, sell up, start again.

This blog will document the journey, as I plan a route, put on my walking boots, clear my mind and make a pilgrimage.

This blog will mark the research, the gathering of resources and the ideas & influences I find and collect along the way.


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